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WeedX Natural Weed Control


New Zealanders LOVE WeedX because they are spraying with PEACE OF MIND. Goulter’s WeedX natural weed controller is SAFE to use around your family and pets and in sensitive public areas.

See below for more information about this product – how it works, the benefits and uses.

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Non-toxic, effective, fast acting and safe around children & pets

Our EPA certified WeedX acetic acid based product is the first of its kind to be approved in New Zealand.

  • EPA APPROVAL NUMBER – WeedX Bio-herbicide Concentrate – HSR101099
  • EPA APPROVAL NUMBER – WeedX Bio-herbicide Ready to Spray – HSR101101

We truly fought to get our product into the market place because we are passionate about our environment and the health of our children and animals.

In developing our natural WeedX herbicide we have had to weigh up the pros and cons of using our product against others.

Whilst our product is non-systemic (does not kill the root) and non-selective (will knock down any plants its sprayed on) we believe our number one priority is to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN, ANIMALS AND THE ENVIRONMENT. If this means having to spray more often it certainly beats having to use other toxins!

WeedX is totally natural, making use of Mother Nature’s Natural Acids – Acetic acid and Citric acid.  It is safe, effective and fast acting.

Goulter’s Vinegar Products is currently working on a way to make our WeedX systemic which is the ultimate in weed control.

How it works and when to use it

Natural Acids – Acetic and Citric acids synergise together to create a powerful and natural FAST ACTING KNOCK DOWN ACTION on weeds.

As WeedX is non-systemic (this means it does not kill the root of the plant) it is more suited to your smaller weeds which have low energy reserves in the root and hence will kill those plants.

Spraying time of the month and day is also important to consider. During Spring time when the sap is surging in all plants repeated spraying will be necessary depending on the species of plant.

The words “KNOCKDOWN” happens as the Acetic acid crushes the cells of the foliage which is why you will notice how quickly the plant will go down.

For best results spray during the warmest part of the day.

Even though we have found that at certain times of the year we need to do resprays for harder to kill weeds/grass we KNOW our soil life is not being destroyed.

Non-selective – means the WeedX will crush the cells of most foliage it comes into contact with so take care when spraying.

For best results spray WeedX on windless sunny days.


  • NON-TOXIC, SAFE & FAST ACTING – spray with peace of mind. Safe to use around children and animals
  • EPA Approved
  • Controls weeds the natural way
  • Effective & fast acting – results within hours not days
  • Fully bio-degradable in soil, water & atmosphere
  • Won’t destroy the soil life and does not harm mature tree bark
  • Acetic Acid based
  • Affordable
  • Works all year round
  • NO glyphosate
  • NO lingering smells
  • Ready to spray & concentrate available
  • NZ owned & operated – keeping it local


  • Borders & edges, drives and patios
  • Preparation of veggie garden – allow 24hrs before planting to allow soil PH to re-balance.
  • Will kill small weeds and mosses that haven’t much energy in the root reserves. The idea is to get the weeds before they are too big.
  • Excellent on broad leaf e.g. dandelion and plantain.
  • Kills both annual and perennial weeds
  • Liverwort for Nurseries
  • Small Gorse and broom
  • Mosses, lichens, liverwort, fungus
  • Public areas, gardens and lifestyle blocks

Concentrate to Spray quantities

5 Litre Concentrate: Makes 15 – 20 Ltrs of spray
20 Litre Concentrate: Makes 60 – 80 Ltrs of spray
224 Litre Concentrate: Makes 672 – 896 Ltrs of spray
1000 Litre Concentrate: Makes 3000 – 4000 Ltrs of spray


Test on any hard surface before spraying around it because acid can clean surfaces so well causing it to lighten in colour, or you may want to just clean the whole hard surface with WeedX.

Goulter’s Vinegar Products Ltd can not be held responsible for customers not following the directions on the label when using their WeedX herbicide. Please ensure all the health and safety directions are followed when spraying our herbicide. Thank you.



Thoroughly WASH out all containers to protect the seals and nozzles. Double rinse your spray tank after use and then pump fresh water through your sprayer to remove all residual acid.

For people working with our WeedX concentrate please ensure you have a chemical handlers certificate.

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