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About WeedX

Yes, WeedX is EPA Approved.

The EPA approval numbers are 101099 and 101101

Yes you can however the solution you make up will be weak compared to our WeedX herbicide as the everyday vinegar has a low acetic acid level and the vinegar we use has a much higher acetic rate making it a stronger, faster and longer lasting weed controller.

Because salt can harm our soil life.

Yes, it is non-toxic to human and animals. When preparing your vegetable garden you can spray off the weeds/grass then give it 24hrs to biodegrade and you are ready to plant in that soil.

Yes, it does a GREAT job on moss even when sprayed in the shade.

  • Small general weeds, excellent on broad leaf eg: dandelion and plantain
  • Mosses, lichens, liverwort, fungus
  • Garden edges, borders
  • Great on drive ways, paved areas
  • Public sensitive areas such as parks, playgrounds and street sides.
  • Families with children and pets
  • Lifestyle blocks – in the concentrated form it works well on small gorse and broom.
  • Small gorse up to 30cm high when soft, between October and April
  • Vegetable and ornamental garden beds

It is NON-TOXIC and fast acting, fully biodegradable in soil, water and the atmosphere.

It is totally natural and will not harm the soil life. It is safe to use around your vegetable garden, children and pets.

WeedX is fast acting so you see the results within the hour (providing it is a warm sunny day).

WeedX has an unlimited shelf life.

Be careful when spraying on windy days as WeedX is non-selective and may desiccate foliage of other plants nearby if spray drift reaches them.

This refers to a herbicide that does not kill the root of a plant off when sprayed. The plant will be knocked down and die back but eventually grow again. This can be said about most plants as gorse does re-shoot again even when sprayed using a toxic product.

This means the herbicide will travel through to the root of the plant.

Yes, however in the case of small gorse it is best to spray from October-April as the plant is too hard during the winter months.

Yes, absolutely normal kitchen vinegars can be used however the strength of a normal vinegar to knock down weeds is not nearly the same as WeedX because our formula has been made with a much higher acetic acid level than a normal vinegar and it is this factor which makes it a great weed controller.

Yes, we have an MSDS. You can find it here:

In the summer time there will be a bit of a vinegary smell for a short time but because vinegar is so volatile, the smell will dissipate into the atmosphere quickly. In the winter time the Vinegar smell may linger for a couple of days as the air is cooler and the smell will sit around for longer particularly if it is in an enclosed area.

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