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WeedX - safe products for your environment, children and pets. We’re passionate about...

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New Zealand's first Vinegar based Herbicide

Non-toxic chemical products, concentrate or certified organic ready to spray, that don't 'cost' the earth

Our Natural WeedX Herbicide:

  • Ready to Spray Certified Organic products
  • Concentrate products
  • Is safe for use around around children and animals
  • Fully biodegradable in soil and aquatic areas
  • Results within hours not days
  • After 24hrs the soil pH level re-balance’s itself back to normal
  • Kills weeds by contact
  • Kills both annual and perennial weeds
  • Does not harm mature tree bark
  • Is non selective and non systemic
  • Great for spraying the weeds on ground being prepared for a vegetable garden/orchard – give at least 24hrs rest after spraying before planting your veges
  • Will kill small weeds and mosses that haven’t much energy in the root reserves. The idea is to get the weeds before they are too big.

Our story

The Goulter’s story started in 1997 and we’ve proudly been making the best vinegar products for your health and your home since then. Tim Goulter is a passionate wine and vinegar maker who founded Goulter’s Vinegar. More than 25 years later we’re still a family owned and operated business based in sunny Nelson however Tim Goulter has now “hung up his boots” Tim’s nephew Charlie and his wife Trish continue to grow innovative vinegar products which includes their safe and effective WeedX natural vinegar (acetic acid) herbicide. You could say that vinegar runs in the families veins! Trish and Charlie are dedicated to producing sustainable and affordable vinegar products. To see their range of vinegar products go to www.vinegarpower.co.nz

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