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Nature's Power Working Honestly And Naturally

About Goulter's Vinegar Products & People

After farming for 20yrs Charlie Goulter started a landscape gardening business with a focus on permaculture (Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.) Charlie has had a tremendous amount of spraying experience which he gained whilst farming and then landscaping. 

Charlie was not happy about using round-up/glyphosate in his clients gardens so decided to look at other natural options for keeping the weeds under control. "Our clients were actually asking us for natural weed controllers." The key was to ensure the environment, animals and people where not being exposed to any bad toxins. One of the biggest benefits of our  WeedX herbicide is that it does not leave a bad lingering smell! The vinegar smell dissipates quickly into the atmosphere. 

Charlie approached his uncle, Tim Goulter to help make a chemical-free weed killer (herbicide) Charlie with the help of John Lloyd from Axis Associates embarked on a long 2yr journey to develop and test the new WeedX herbicide. The resulting formula which is acetic acid based (vinegar) is entirely natural and bio-degradable in soil, atmosphere and water.  We soon discovered that we were not the only company in the world using this natural herbicide, we found out North America and parts of Europe were already using an acetic based herbicide for years. Which

Once we had our formula finalised the task at hand was a big one because we needed to gain approval through the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) Our WeedX herbicide is the first acetic based weed controller to be applied for in New Zealand. Hence the long drawn out 2 1/2yr process we had to endure for our application. We employed Lynn Clapham a toxicologist consultant to the EPA who then helped us with the whole application process. 
Finally Trish and Charlie have done it!  After a long 2 1/2yr battle Goulter's Vinegar Products Ltd gained approval from the EPA to sell their natural herbicide WeedX product to the public. "It does not feel right using all these other chemicals on our property hence our decision to create a natural and friendly weed killer. A Canadian company has been using a similar product to ours for almost 20 years now."  Natural acetic based herbicide is widely used in the municipalities (the councils) in Canada and Europe.


The Goulter Family run their vinegar factory in Tahunanui Nelson. Tim Goulter (uncle) has had the factory in operation for 17yrs. He has over 40yrs experience within the vinegar business.
Trish and Charlie Goulter are doing their bit to promote awareness of vinegar’s power and health-giving properties. Together with Charlie’s uncle, Tim, they are producing a number of other products:

  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother)
  • Citrogar - An all Natural Multi purpose cleaner
  • Kiwi Fruit Vinegar 
  • An organic vinegar which is used for stock input on farms. .

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The Goulter's factory is based at 122 Tahunanui Drive in Nelson.
We look forward to growing our vinegar company to provide our clients with NATURALLY HONEST PRODUCTS.