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WeedX For Primary Schools

Local school wins WeedX – New Zealands’s Natural Herbicide!

Local school wins a year's supply of WeedXWeedX - New Zealands's Natural Herbicide! In October…

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Litres of WeedX processed
Years experience making Vinegar Products
New Zealands First Vinegar based Herbicide
No toxic chemicals in our products
WeedX works naturally!
Our Timeline

Goulter's Vinegar factory is born Tahunanui, Nelson.

We begin testing and developing our WeedX Herbicide.

EPA gives Goulters the green light to sell WeedX.

Local contractors NELMAC sprays WeedX in publicly sensitive areas.

Goulter's works toward Organic Certification for WeedX.

WeedX sales soar as public awareness grows around spraying non toxic herbicides.

Summer Gardening Checklist

Mid-summer is upon us here in New Zealand, and we want to share some handy tips for healthy organic gardening!

The first thing we need is a good shelter. Due to the drying effects of summer and climate change, reserving what water we do have is important. The best way to avoid drying is by providing adequate shelter.

The next tip is to mulch! By adding a layer of mulch, you are not only providing essential nutrients to your plants – you are helping to keep moisture in.

We also need to make sure the garden is free of weeds. Weeds will compete for valuable moisture so get them under control. If you are struggling to remove them or just want a really quick result – we recommend our natural herbicide WeedX. Buy this online here.

Harvest your summer crops and pick your produce every day! This will encourage new growth. Plant new lettuces and keep up a steady crop.

Your pip and stone fruit will be ready to enjoy – dig in and preserve any leftovers! Delicious!

If you’d like to read more about organic gardening in New Zealand, click here to check out the Organic NZ Magazine!

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