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Goulter's All Natural WeedX Bio Herbicide


Finally we have done it! After a long 2yr battle Goulter's Vinegar Products Ltd has got approval from the EPA to sell our natural herbicide WeedX to the public.
​Our WeedX vinegar based product is the first of its kind to be approved in New Zealand.

EPA APPROVAL NUMBER - WeedX Bio-herbicide concentrate - HSR101099
EPA APPROVAL NUMBER - WeedX Bio-herbicide  Ready to Spray - HSR101101

We truly fought to get our product into the market place because we are passionate about our environment and the health of our children and animals.

In developing our natural WeedX herbicide we have had to weigh up the pros and cons ofGoulters Natural Herbicide using our product against others.
Whilst our product is non-systemic (does not kill the root) and non-selective (will knock down any plants its sprayed on) we believe our number one priority is to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN, ANIMALS AND THE ENVIRONMENT. If this means having to spray more often it certainly beats having to use other toxins!
WeedX is totally natural, making use of mother natures natural acids - acetic acid (vinegar) citric acid (lemon).  Goulter's Vinegar Products is currently working on a way to make our WeedX systemic which is the ultimate in weed control.

After using round-up for many years and noticing how it was decimating our soil life plus having an effect on our health we decided to do some research on natural herbicides.
This was quite a journey as it threw up lots of damning information from around the world about the dangers of using GLYPHOSATE/ROUND-UP.
You can follow these links to read more:
The Dutch Ban Roundup, France and Brazil to follow.
Monsanto to be investigated for Environmental Crimes.
Bristol spraying vinegar in their city due to public demand.
Alarming Levels of Glyphosate Contamination Found in Popular American Foods

SHIKIMATE PATHWAY – What is this and how does it get affected?

a) Europe and North America's biggest Leading Bioherbicide is a vinegar/citric based product. More information available from here Ecoval 
b) Many parts of Europe and South America are banning the use of round-up/glyphosate.

It is so IMPORTANT for us to educate ourselves about what substances we are using in and around our homes.
Countries like Canada have been using a similar product for years.
Over the past 2 years we have done many trials on our WeedX herbicide with great success. It is perfect for gardens, orchards, nurseries and public areas plus works well on small gorse. We believe the people of New Zealand deserve to have a choice when it comes to maintaining their properties.

 Are on the left NOT sprayed, area on the right sprayed Area in the middle sprayed with Goulters WeedX Long grass sprayed in an orchard 

The reason All Natural WeedX herbicide works so well is because the acetic and citric acids synergise together to create a powerful and natural FAST ACTING KNOCK DOWN ACTION on weeds.

All Natural WeedX Herbicide:

  • Is Safe for use around around children and animals 
  • Fully Biodegradable in soil and aquatic areas
  • Results within hours not days
  • After 24hrs the soil PH level rebalance's itself back to normal
  • Kills weeds by contact
  • Kills both annual and perennial weeds
  • Does not harm mature tree bark
  • Is Non selective and non systemic
  • Great for spraying the weeds on ground being prepared for a vegetable garden/orchard - give at least 24hrs rest after spraying before planting your vegies
  • Will kill small weeds and mosses that have not much energy in the root reserves. The idea is to get the
    weeds before they are too big.

Green grassy area not sprayed After a WeedX spray Spayed with Weedx on the Orchard boundry

In the photo's shown here you can see the results of our natural bioherbicide which has been used on gorse, orchards, vegetable gardens and garden borders.

WeedX works well on  broad leaf weeds such as dandelion, small gorse, small broom, scarlet pimpernel, mosses, clover and grass (particularly border edges) Repeat spraying is required during the Spring strong sap rise.

It is important to remember when using our WeedX product to wear gloves and protect the eyes because just like with any other acid it can burn the skin.


  • As WeedX is non-systemic (this means it does not kill the root of the plant) so is more suited to your smaller weeds which has low energy reserves in the root and hence will kill those plants.
  • Spraying time of the month and day is also important to consider. During Spring time when the sap is surging in all plants repeated spraying will be necessary depending on the species of plant.
  • The words "KNOCKDOWN" happens as the acetic acid (VINEGAR) crushes the cells of the foliage which is why you will notice how quickly the plant will go down.
  • For best results spray during the warmest part of the day.
  • Even though we have found that at certain times of the year we need to do resprays for harder to kill weeds/grass we KNOW our soil life is not being destroyed,
  • Non-selective - means the WeedX will crush the cells of most foliage it comes into contact with so take care when spraying.
  • For best results spray WeedX on windless sunny days.
  • Small general weeds, excellent on broadleaf eg:dandelion and plantain 
  • Mosses, lichens, liverwort, fungus
  • Garden edges/borders
  • Great on drive ways, paved areas
  • Public sensitive areas such as parks, playgrounds and street sides.
  • Families with children and pets
  • Lifestyle blocks in the concentrated form it works well on small gorse and broom.


  • WeedX is light and temperature driven so for best results in the Winter spray during the peak of the sun.
  • Spring time when the sap is flowing strongly then expect to respray larger weeds with strong root reserves.

NO lingering smell as the vinegar smell dissipates quickly into the air.
SAFE for our people and the environment
VERY cost effective
MADE - locally in Nelson New Zealand
FULLY biodegradable in soil, water and atmosphere
GREAT to use in preparation of your vegetable garden

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"Goulter's Vinegar WeedX Herbicide: Wow, this stuff is amazingly effective, easy to use and it's so nice to know it will not have downstream effects on my local environment. I have been using Goulter's WeedX herbicide around my property to decrease those pesky weeds that pop up repeatedly, like between flagstones, on borders and in flower garden areas. It works quickly and seems to be good at reducing the overall return of weeds. Thanks for developing such a fantastic product that has the potential to reduce toxins in our environment."
Leslie Jones,
Nelson South.

"I have used Goulter's Vinegar products since their inception and am so grateful to have the organic option as I don't use chemicals in any way, personally, in the home or on the farm. The WEEDX is very successful in eliminating the weeds in my garden and orchard. It is also a great comfort to know that it is safe and won't contaminate the soil or river systems where runoff occurs. With so much public outcry over chemical overuse I am grateful that I can avoid damage to my own health as well as that of my alpacas."
F Christie

"We have a lifestyle block at Tasman and are always looking for natural alternatives to rid those pesky weeds, rather than the chemical laden sprays that are everywhere, that we use because they work.
Well WeedX was impressive, it indeed knocked the weeds, they were dead. We have used natural products before, however they tended to mildly supress the weeds, Weedx killed them!
This product does work, so watch for spray drift as you would with any herbicide.
Another great product from Goulters Vinegar Products. Thank you!"
Amanda Lockwood